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Holistic Head Therapy

The modalities used in this Holistic Healing massage are including;

Reiki, Kikoh, Polarity, Energy Medicine, Ohashiatsu, Indian Head massage, Aromatherapy. 

It is a unique blend of healing massage that stimulate Meridian points / Chakra points / Mama points not only to release the knot and decongest the tension/pain, but also very beneficial for mind/energy/spirit as well as Facial condition.

Some people are sensitive enough to feel the vibrations as it penetrates and melts away knots and stiffness. Very euphoric!

The essential oils used for Aromatherapy is carefully selected highest purest quality organic oil that are freshly distilled within a year or so, I then make my own blend.

The blend is mixed in organic massage lotion then applied to back/shoulder/neck, but not used for head so head will be dry massaged and oil free after.

60 minutes   |   $  120  per session  $ 330 for 3

75 minutes   |   $  145 per session  $ 400 for 3

90 minutes   |   $ 160 per session  $ 460 for 3



Since in my teen as a dancer with a wrong feet, I had repeated injuries in my legs which left me with constant pain in my legs, I was always seeking a physical therapy be it massage or acupuncture or chiropractics.

But in 2001, when I had an unknown stress related condition and was unable to recover completely with any medication while the immune system continued to decline and my doctor told me there's nothing can be done, I was desperate and reached out a Reiki healer that I discovered online and my condition actually started to heal magically, I became interested in so called Energy healing ever since, so I studied Reiki level 1.

Over the next five years, despite my stubborn skepticism, I came across to

witness more than enough evidences of the Healing producing result that my dogs and people were healed in different occasions, I grew more and more interested in the world of healings that have been practiced all over on the planet and in serving it to people besides my circle.

So, in 2008 since I attended Shiatsu school, started to practice "Healing massage".

Since then, I studied Ayurvedic massage, Indian head massage called Champissage and Deep tissue head massage from a Japanese Chiropractor and continue adding more skills and modalities including below.

 2001-2008   Usui Reiki Level 1 to Master

2008   Ohashi Shiatsu course completion diploma, Kudarini-Reiki Master, Laser tech certificate

2009    Japanese Ki-koh (Energy healing work) certificate

2011   NY State Esthetic license, Purest salon opened

2013    South India, KAL hospital Ayurveda beauty practitioner certificate

2014     British Champissage massage diploma

2015   Aromatherapy Cert.AT. level1

2017   Herbal medicine including Tibettan medicine, Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic Pulse reading, Energy medicine on training

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