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Your Physical Body is a Fiction
Your Real Body Has Energy

-deepak chopra




~ Energy Massage ~

Holistic Head Therapy works for Mind, Body and Spirit, stimulating the flow of lymph, meridians of upper back, neck, head, balancing chakras and helps to heal inflammation and restore tired weaken energy which in the end improves Facial condition without touching face,

Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Reiki, Kikoh(Japanese energy work), Polarity, Energy Medicine are uniquely integrated in this Healing massage that relaxes muscle and nerve tensions, stiffness, stimulating lymph drainage of  physical body while revitalizing tired stagnant energy,


Focusing on the area that's often ignored by most massage therapy - around Shoulder blade including Armpit, Upper arm, Neck, Decollete area, around Ears, Hairline, and Head. Front as well as the Back.


You will be physically and energetically rejuvenated with bonus of clearer vision/sinus as well as facial lift up.




***Uses 100% Organic botanic massage lotion and blends of carefully selected highest quality Essential oils that were freshly cropped and distilled often within a year for body.

No Oil is used for hair/scalp so it won't leave your hair greasy after the treatment.








60 minutes   |   $  120  per session  $ 330 for 3

75 minutes   |   $  145 per session  $ 400 for 3

90 minutes   |   $ 165 per session  $ 460 for 3

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